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Welcome To A Theatrical Experience You'll Never Want to End

New York, 1927.

Four theatrical souls visit a lively speakeasy in search of something more.


Catch them at the party of your life as a
Bukit Damansara abode transforms into a

prohibited saloon for one night only.

Bring friends and plenty of liquor.

Listen to live jazz music and
indulge in the narrative.

Would it truly have been all
sequins and soirées in the sizzling twenties? 

23rd-24th August




Rita, a young aspiring dancer, moves to the big city to realise her dreams, under the protective wing of her cousin, Geoffrey.


She is drawn to the enigmatic and ever-so charming, Dean Hart, a seasoned vaudeville act and noted Broadway performer.


The pair dance into the night hoping to get better acquainted with one another, despite societal constraints and their individual preoccupations.


Meanwhile, Geoffrey is reunited with an old friend, Madeleine DuBois, a fading star of international repute. Together, they deconstruct the idealism promised by the roaring twenties. 


Fame and fortune does not equate happiness, and success hardly ever guarantees love.

Secret Location.


Find us behind the bookcase with a password on your person.

Dress up in your finest glad rags.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bootleg).


However, a mini-bar serving the Bowery's best bath-tub gin will be in full swing.

This is a party more than a performance.

Immerse yourself and enjoy.

Stick around for further debauchery.





a charming and enigmatic vaudeville artist who has dedicated his life to the achievement of fame and success. Dean can be found at The Speakeasy on a Saturday night: drinking, dancing and sometimes daring to care. A cad dressed in black and an aloof one at that, Dean’s elusive nature is waning under the pressures of modern society. Yet, he continues to harbour a disdain for commitment to anything other than his art.

portrayed by


Geoffrey Nightingale

a writer and composer from Albany, New York. As Rita Allen’s cousin, he introduces her to the world of The Speakeasy without a word of caution. Dignified and dapper, Geoffrey is wise, witty and always well-dressed. He is a curious creature, though bookishly handsome. Geoffrey fought in the Great War and has come face-to-face with death. However, he fears a great secret will reveal itself and does his best to keep it concealed.

portrayed by

Phraveen Arikiah



a dancer with a dream. Rita has always wanted to be famous and recently decided to leave the tap recitals and ballet lessons of Albany behind for the big lights of Broadway. She is innocently beautiful, angelic even, but easily tainted. Rita is about to discover the illicit world of The Speakeasy, under the protective wing of cousin Geoffrey. She longs to meet exciting individuals and hopes this party will announce her arrival onto the New York theatre scene, though she soon begins to realise that not everything is as it seems.

portrayed by

Hannah Shields



an international star, socialite and former member of the National Woman’s Party. Madeleine is cool, composed and somewhat cynical. Her elegant frame is typically adorned with sequins and cloaked in fur. Embittered by the war, Madeleine is a firm believer in the notion that nothing worth having ever comes easy. She frequents The Speakeasy, if she so happens to be in town. Anyone who’s anyone knows Madeleine, and anyone who doesn’t isn’t worth knowing.

portrayed by

Alia Kearney

showcasing original Charleston

and Jazz Standards like no other!

portrayed by

Shafeeq Shajahan




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