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Everybody wants somebody and Sarah and Sky have each other. In this refreshingly honest exploration of love, life and libidos, Sarah, and her Indian gay best friend Sky, embark on a journey of sordid sexual encounters, hilariously painful events and relatably raw experiences. In a world brimming with opportunity, the pair know what they want and how to get there – if only boys were as straightforward! 


Stifled by the sexual injustices that exist with being a woman and a queer person of colour, gender and racial disparities are observed through a series of interactions with a myriad of colourful men. As seven guys pass through their lives, Sarah and Sky learn that the things that once bound them together must inevitably drive them apart. 

Using a blend of hyper-naturalism and cinematographic romanticism, Liver & Lung explore intimacy in a comedic yet relevant way and examine hetero-homosexual friendship through a sincere and astute lens. An omnipresent ensemble of seven men serves to remind the audience of the liberation and oppression offered by romantic relationships, whilst providing an insightful juxtaposition to the powerful, platonic companionship shared by Sarah and Sky. Beautiful and bittersweet, Liver & Lung’s original writing promises happiness, heartbreak and all the drama in between.

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