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Welcome To A Theatrical Experience You'll Never Want to End

Manchester, 1990.


Thatcher is falling, the poll tax is rising and four familiar pals head to The Rave.


Come to a place where nothing means anything.

What you get is what you see.


Rebels, club kids and football casuals, unite!

We love your strange ways.

Where there's discord, there's always harmony.


Layback in alternative electronica and expand your minds.

Dance and be free you acid-loving music-heads.

You up for it?


Would it truly have been all pills ‘n’ thrills in the neoteric nineties?

11th March




Loz, an acquiescent adolescent, heads to The Rave to escape life for a while.


Amid the labyrinth of languorous movement, she is reunited with her childhood friend, Danny; an emerging musician in the Madchester scene. Meanwhile Tewolde, a medical student and seasoned club-kid, welcomes his long term girlfriend, Sophie, to the party; introducing her to the alternative anarchy, industriously weaving itself into the fabric of Manchester.


As the group succumb to elemental reverie and EDM, virtue is eclipsed in favour of vice.


Can the four drop their inhibitions completely, or will sobriety catch up with them before they’ve even had chance to let go?

Sat 11th Mar 2017


East London location. 


Room 01

Gary Maxim (Vocals, DJ set).


90s apparel


Back at 56D for the final time.


Join the dance revolution.


Get happy.



The club-kid. A medical student who medicates. Tewolde moved to Manchester five years ago and doesn’t want to leave. He is a cool, calm and collected soul with a penchant for electronica, escapism and egality. The sort who doesn’t need to speak to announce himself, that guy that everyone thinks they know, but few do. He is softly spoken, serious and salaciously spiffy. An introvert by nature, Tewolde loves the indistinguishability darkness brings but will he allow the strobes to get under his skin. 

portrayed by

Faaiz Mbelizi


The rebel. Having recently found recognition on infamous local station, Irwell FM, Danny loves nothing more than to flaunt his moderate repute and exercise his baseless power. He is an acidly arrogant music junkie with a selfish streak. Never one to travel down the straight and narrow, Danny is assiduous only to the daring and the dangerous. He forges his own truths through an inimitable blend of needless narcotics and tainted trips; a pastime which only fuels his relentless desire to be irreplaceable.

portrayed by

Andrew Hollingworth



The beginner. Brave enough to contemplate but not bold enough to know – yet.  Sophie is precise, posed and precocious; a newcomer to Manchester and indeed, the north. She is Tewolde’s long-term girlfriend and frequently finds herself trying to tame affairs far beyond her control. Sophie has an intrinsic need to impress and a chameleon-like façade. She is about to learn that secrets can conceal themselves, when they don’t seek to be sought. 

portrayed by

Hannah Baker


The northern soul. Manchester born and bred, Laura is down to earth, dependable and diligent. The type of person who always means well, though her sweet disposition is often cloaked by her spirited temperament and her signature green anorak. Laura views the world through kohl rimmed eyes and prides herself on her ability to bring people together - she knows how to party. Laura fosters a ‘waste not, want not’ attitude which may leave her holding onto things, she’d be better off without.  

portrayed by

Hannah Shields

(Vocals, DJ Set)

portrayed by

Luke McGarey




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