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by John Webster

30 Jul - 16 Aug 2015


Romance. Rivalry. Revenge. A thrilling and visceral adaptation of Webster’s greatest tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi This condensed, claustrophobic version of The Duchess of Malfi explores the triangular relationship between the Duchess, her steward-husband Antonio and her brother Ferdinand. Both men love her, but in very different ways, and it is this conflict that dooms the entire court of Malfi. This Jacobean play is unique in its thorough exploration of female liberation and oppression, and the resulting failure of love, innocence and family in a world of perversion and uncurbed material ambition. The acting space becomes an arena in a fight for domination, with danger lurking beneath the surface at every turn. All are marked for death. Two questions remain: how and when? This unique adaptation presents the strife for the light in a world shrouded in darkness. The production also returns the effects that were fundamental during Webster’s composition of the play for the indoor theatre- namely the new techniques in lighting and dramatic effects that were emerging at the beginning of the 17th Century- in an innovative, turbulent and terrifying spirit. Chilling and completely compelling, UCLU Runaground’s adaptation promises spine-tingling drama and stylised acting with a fresh analysis of the very driving forces of human nature.

“A captivating production...(they) rise impressively to the task of performing one of the greatest tragedies ever written... putting the audience on the edge of their seats right from the start.”



"The scenes in which the Duchess is imprisoned are the best directed as the tension gradually grows whilst her treatment diminishes. The death scenes are enacted with thought and the strangulation is particularly vivid."

British Theatre Guide


DIRECTOR: Shafeeq Shajahan

PRODUCER: Emma Hardy

TECHNICAL CREW: Priyanka Haria, Celia Lynch, Caitlin Abbot, Ysabelle Kaye


DUCHESS: Anastasia Fordham


BOSOLA: Vincenzo Monachello

CARDINAL: Sam Thomas

ANTONIO: Matthew Wedlich


DELIO: Caspar Cech-Lucas 

SILVIO: Adam Pabani




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