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Submission tells the story of Sameer, a young British Pakistani, who struggles to reconcile his sexual desires with his Islamic roots. On the day of his 23rd birthday, Sameer hosts an unprecedented after-party with a friend. A series of unwelcome events unfold, triggering an unhinged response in Sameer. Not only does he begin to question his faith, he also begins to acknowledge the cruel realities that queer people of colour face.

Torn between his allegiance to Mecca and his desire for temporal modernity, Sameer recites spoken word come Quranic compositions, forcing us to contemplate the importance of integrating age-old philosophy with new-wave ideology.
As Sameer's frustrations manifest, he recites spoken word come quasi-Quranic compositions, poignantly exploring the harsh, unforgiving realities that queer people of colour face. 

Using powerful verse and dynamic physical theatre against the backdrop of conventional naturalism, Submission is a piece of theatre that is not only unique and contentious, but which forces audiences to contemplate the importance of integration and harmony in increasingly troubling, terror-inducing times.

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