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Welcome To A Theatrical Experience You'll Never Want to End

New York, 1977.

Four beautiful artists dance the night away at The Disco in a fever of individual expression. 


Calling all socialites, queens and fashionistas.  


You are invited to experience a piece of performance art like no other as an East London apartment evolves into Studio 56D.

Hedonism is hip.

Decadence dominates. 

Dust off your platforms, don your best threads, and join us in innocent escapism. 

Would it truly have been all

splendour and swag in the sparkling seventies?

14th January




Michael, a young idealist, travels to Manhattan to make his mark on the world.


Along the way he is introduced to three native New Yorkers: Shaquille, Jennifer and Kelly - a trio of artistic souls, daring to live dangerously at The Disco.  


Caught between the far out funk and infectious inferno, Michael dances hand in hand with romanticism and reality, learning all the while that pop culture and political rhetoric, bear little resemblance to the society which exists beyond the DJ decks.


Will Michael remain in control of his own destiny or will he succumb to his baser instincts and choose ease over altruism?

Studio 56D.
The queue says it all.


Follow the glitter and the beautiful bodies.

Dress to impress. More is never less.


Bespoke cocktails available should you choose to indulge (and you always should).


Dare to dance.
Involve yourself and feel the love.


Let's groove.



Shaquille Johnson 

The Disco personified.


Shaquille learnt the only prophecy he wanted to live up to was one he created for himself, and so he did just that. Now Queen Bee and owning it, Shaquille is as fabulous as they come. A performance artist with a political past, he is confident, compassionate and credible. Never far without a pair of signature platforms, Shaquille must decide if the dizzy heights are worth burying his genuine desires for.

portrayed by

Faaiz Mbelizi



Child of the Silent Majority striving to be a loud individualist.


A budding photographer, Michael moved East in search of a new angle - something he captures upon entering The Disco. He is impressionable, with an unparalleled curiosity and a zest for life. The type of person who tries too hard despite his innate ability to fit in. Michael is a free spirit, a hippie of sorts, desperate to make a change but dependent on the system he seeks to escape.

portrayed by

Andrew Hollingworth




Renowned artist and Warhol's longtime collaborator.


Jennifer resides on the north side of Union Square, The Factory to be precise. When she's not painting the sky with diamonds, Jennifer speeds into unknown realms at The Disco. She is no stranger to heartbreak; yet bold, bohemian and beautiful all the same. Jennifer prides herself on artistic integrity even if this means suspending reality in favour of make believe.

portrayed by

Ines Anderson



Performing Arts Senior and part-time waitress.


Kelly spends her days in drama class and her nights in The Disco, with a dream in her heart and truth in her head. She is a sweet girl, kind too, with eyes that make you want to know more. Growing up the daughter of a high profile Senator wasn't easy but it offered exposure to obscure expressionism and outlandish personnel - she took to Studio 56D like a duck to water. However, Kelly must now learn to believe in herself if she wants others to do the same.

portrayed by

Hannah Shields

mixing the craziest disco
grooves in town!

portrayed by

Luke McGarey


                Love             Law


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