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Keep Calm and Fuck Kandinsky

I don't create theatre for you to feel comfortable. If you want a show that will relax you in to a comfort zone, I am not the practitioner for you. I have always been more interested in keeping things stark, highlighting the ugly and defacating on conventional notions of... 'joy' and 'happiness'. [Sing me another optimistic song about 'Pushing On' and I will vomit on your shoes.]

CHASING SUNSETS is about finding clarity after darkness. Recovery from depression is rarely structured. Instead, it is jumpy, fast-paced and you hardly know what's going on. The process is confusing, surreal and frequently absurd. It has no beginning, no middle and certainly no end. Portraying it in a structured way would almost be devaluing the multi-faceted, beautiful complexity of depression.

So if my theatre is too discomforting or unstructured for you, I repeat, I don't create theatre that hides the ugly. I expose it.

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