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Liver and Lung, My Arse

As artists, we do half the work. Intense choreography, cultured direction, gruelling performances - they all amount to only half of the magic that happens on stage.

The other half is up to you.

As a member of an audience, you have a very special privelege. You enter a shared space where you are welcomed to smile at heart-felt moments or scorn at flexed feet. One minute, you find yourself laughing at an over-the-top cosutme and, the next, experiencing pain that you may have never experienced before.

As theatre practitioners, it is our responsibility to give you an experience that elevates, provokes and stimulates both your mind and your body. A theatrical experience should change you, make you leave your seat a different person from when the show started. It should leave you electrified, inspired and, most importantly, aching for more. And the best thing about theatre is that it can exist anywhere. No matter how small the audience, how obscure the medium of commuication, theatre can be exhilirating and life-changing. Theatre is not an imitation but an extension of life. And, hence, experiencing theatre, like experiencing life, should be a whole body experience - every cell of your body should respond to what you witness.

This is the kind of theatre we are interested in.

On the 4th of November, 2014, I sat on my bed and stared at the ceiling after hearing some truly horrible news. I felt a sharp pain in two very specific parts of my body - the right side of my stomach and the upper part of my torso. My body was responding to my life events and, instead of harping on the negative, I chose to view the entire experience as an artistic one. Both organs - my liver and my lung - were performing some sort of contorted, heart-wrenching dance, preventing me from breathing or thinking straight. #suchart

And that marked the birth of Liver and Lung Productions. Yes. I am a pretentious asshole and I understand that I take my artistry very seriously. But that's why what we have to offer is so special. I understand my feelings and I am not afraid to share them. Watch one of our shows and witness life in its rawest, purest form.

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