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27th - 30th June 2019



Opulence, opals and opium. Travel back in time with Liver & Lung’s new immersive historical musical, a sycophantic, sultry exploration of Penang Hokkien high life and the George Town gang riots of 1867.

Lady Hwang (Cheryl Tan) is anxious. Her lord has been at sea for almost half a year now and her snooping yet devoted hand-maiden, Opal (Melissa Ong), finds it increasingly difficult to soothe her nerves. Things take a turn when Lord Hwang returns and gifts the Lady with a personal slave: a dark-skinned Eunuch (Phraveen Arikiah) with a prophetic disposition. The Eunuch accounts that Lord Hwang has begun trading opium and may now be working with the Red Flags, George Town’s most notorious Hokkien secret society.

As tensions increase in Penang and as Lord Hwang leads the Red Flags to riot against the Cantonese White Flags, the trio must now face the difficult task of swallowing their pride, maintaining the status of their Great House and, more importantly, extinguishing the dark motives of their shared enemy: Lord Hwang.

Note: This is a theatrical event with live music, food and fabulous costumes. Please come dressed (in your finest traditional Malayan / Chinese outfits) and be ready to party!



19th April (3PM, 8PM)

20th April (8PM)

21st April (3PM, 8PM)

When Sylvia Graham (Hannah Shields), a British Foreign Correspondent, travels to Malaya, she hopes to pen the article of her career, offering a fresh account on what the country's fight for independence will mean for the British Empire. Little does she know that she's about to rewrite the plot of her own life when she meets Raj Veerasamy (Prem Sagar), a formidable proponent of decolonization, active member of the Malaysian Indian Congress and staunch supporter of the rising anti-colonial Malaysian movement, Merdeka. 

Set to an original musical score, Hari Merdeka, the second of the Malaya Relived series, tells a story of freedom, fidelity and forbidden love.

Note: This is a theatrical event with live music, food and fabulous costumes. Please come dressed (in your finest 50s/60s Malayan outfits) and be ready to party!



22nd - 24th March, GMBB @ KL, 8PM

Revolving around black magic, betrayal and the British occupation; this immersive musical seeks to unravel the tenuous foundations that the Malayan cultural identity is built upon.

The Fall of Singapore, the first of the Malaya Relived series, tells the story of a young family with Bugis ancestry living in Singapore under the British empire. The plot follows Zubaida and Zabir, a sibling duo, as they try to navigate the difficult task of investigating their father’s mysterious death, keeping their family at peace and surviving the British rule. Struggling to cope with grief, their familial relationship is further strained when Zabir blames their father’s death on Zubaida’s courtship with a British soldier. While Zubaida, on the other hand, is convinced that there are larger supernatural forces at play. Amidst this tragedy, an impending threat of the Japanese occupation casts a dark shadow across the country.

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